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2020, WHAT A YEAR!

Hello Everyone!

I think you will agree that this has definitely been a difficult and challenging year for us all.

In my case, I was on maternity leave when the coronavirus hit the UK in March. My wonderful baby groups and play dates all suddenly stopped and my return date back to work as a frontline medical receptionist was looming. I had been a medical receptionist for 17 years but now felt like the right time for a change. I made the difficult decision in April to leave my job and turn my attention to the General Garage to support Ash and Bob.

Ash has worked with his dad at the business from a very young age, and his family and the garage are the two loves of his life. Depending on how you look at it, working with your spouse is either the greatest thing you could imagine or the worst thing that could happen to your relationship – in our case, I am happy to say it is the best! Like many others, the coronavirus pandemic has made us as a couple re-evaluate what is important in life. We always keep in mind that no matter what is going on in the world and in the business our marriage will always come first. We have been married now for almost 10 years and we feel very lucky to have each other.

We work hard to be a team, both at home and at work. Respecting each other’s opinions and supporting each other 100% makes for good teamwork, and we share the same business goals and vision for the future. With a positive attitude we are sure we can achieve these goals to continue to provide the local community and beyond with quality workmanship, value for money and the very best level of customer care.


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