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At General Garage our main priority will always be ensuring the safety of you and your family on the roads. We will never compromise on this by cutting corners that we do not feel are safe.

We therefore check all vehicles to the highest standards using top-of-the-range digital equipment and manufacturer's safety guidelines. All of our estimates for work to be carried out are calculated on the findings

of such testing and careful inspection based on our long experience. Different garages may work to different standards.

We also aim to provide full value for money and ultimately it is the customer who will decide whether or not to proceed with any vehicle repair taking into account the work needed and the estimate. We are always happy to fully explain the reasons for our advice and pricing and to set out the safe options open to you. If it helps we will even arrange for a walk-round of

your vehicle.

You can be reassured that at General Garage we will continue to work to the highest standards to keep you safe.

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